Terms and Conditions

  1. Edinburgh Executive Carriages operates a non-smoking policy within all our fleet. If the policy is
    ignored, the driver is authorised to terminate the hire agreement and no refund will be given.
  2. Edinburgh Executive Carriages Chauffeurs are insured to drive vehicles. No other person is permitted to
    drive any of the vehicles.
  3. Edinburgh Executive Carriages cannot be held responsible or liable for any delays outwith their
    control. We will always try to accommodate, but sometimes this may not be possible and is outwith our
  4. If your flight has a delay of more than an hour, please contact us to ensure we will still be able to
    collect you. For Airside flights if your flight is changed, this would not be possible and we may have to
    collect you landside at arrivals.
  5. Abusive or unruly passengers will not be tolerated. Edinburgh Executive Carriages can terminate the
    contract with no refund.
  6. No alcohol is allowed in any vehicles at any time.
  7. All charges must be paid in full upon booking unless otherwise agreed and are non-refundable.
  8. All airport transfers allow 40 minutes waiting time there after a fee of £28 per hour shall apply.
  9. All journeys which are not airport transfers allow 15 minutes waiting time there after a fee of £28
    per hour shall apply.
  10. Deposits are non-refundable.
    In the event of a breakdown, due to circumstances beyond our control Edinburgh, deposits are also non-
  11. Executive Executive Carriages reserves the right to substitute vehicles.
  12. Edinburgh Executive Carriages reserve the right to charge a minimum £100 or the cost of repairing any
    damage caused by clients or passengers.
  13. All wedding bookings require deposits per car to secure a date.
  14. All cheques should be made to Edinburgh Executive Carriages Ltd.
  15. All invoices shall be paid within 14 days or a late payment fees may apply.
  16. Bookings are required to be made and paid for 48 hours before expected flight arrival time.
  17. Passports are required to be shown to drivers upon leaving the aircraft on an airside transfer
  18. All airside transfers are for domestic flights with hand luggage only, please check with your airline
    to ensure that your luggage does not require to go in the hold if you are in any doubt of their
    requirements for hand luggage.
  19. In circumstances where you have booked an airside transfer with hand luggage and upon arrival at the
    airport your airline requires it to be put into the hold (which is possible at the boarding gate), an
    airside tarmac pick up will not be possible. Please arrange for your luggage to be collected in the
    domestic arrivals hall and inform us so your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall. Airside transfers
    are not refundable, so please check in advance with your airline luggage requirement.
  20. If you have booked a shop and collect pick up in the airport but are being picked up airside, please
    call +447799656892 (shop and collect team) to arrange for it to be delivered to their home or
    collected at another time. The driver will not be able to collect this with you on arrival
  21. For all airside collections, your details will be communicate in advance to the control authorities                                                                                                            at Edinburgh Airport including the Police and UK Border Force, all passengers may be subject to                                                                                                          search by the control authorities on site